About Us

PETAiO is a leading NVMe storage solution provider, dedicated to cutting-edge storage technologies and meeting the ever-increasing data storing and processing demands targeting Data Center applications. PETAiO provides high performance, low latency, low power, secure and reliable full-stack enterprise-class eSSD storage solutions to its customers.
Founded by a serial entrepreneur and a team of solid state storage industry experts with more than 20 years experience in storage area, PETAiO has the ability to develop, produce and deliver enterprise-class eSSD. PETAiO core technology and product includes, 1) PETAiO unique 4-able SoC, namely, flexible, scale-able, configurable and customize-able 2) Full Firmware development, performance optimization, mass production and delivery validation 3) Validation and delivery capabilities. 


Team Introduction 团队介绍

Tim Ding
Founder and CEO

Tim is the chairman, founder, and seed investor of PETAiO, a solid state storage company founded in 2016. Tim is very a well-known storage veteran and a successful entrepreneur with more than 20 years in the storage industry.

Before staring PETAiO, Tim was Co-Founder and CEO of TiDAL Systems. He successfully raised Series A funding from leading VCs building a 25 person team and securing major design wins within the first year. TiDAL developed a leading PCIe Gen3 SSD Controller for Enterprise storage systems. The company was acquired by Micron in 2016 for close to $200M.

Previously, Tim was VP of worldwide Sales/Marketing/Customer Services at Link-A-Media Devices Inc. (“LAMD”). Tim role was instrumental to secure customer/business engagement with leading NAND flash vendors and high volume SSD maker like Toshiba, SKHynix, Seagate, and HGST. Within one year from Tim joining, LAMD grew revenues to $30M. Shortly after, LAMD was acquired by SKHynix for more than $250M. 

Before LAMD, Tim spent 7 years with LSI (Broadcom now) as global storage Director of Sales/Marketing. He managed key accounts like Samsung, HGST, and Toshiba growing revenues to $500M. His team enabled Samsung to become the SAS SSD global leader reaching 35% of market shares.

Tim received his B.S. and M.S. in Space Physics at Peking University, M.S. in Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University. He was a PhD candidate at Space Detector Design for NASA (TIMES) at the Physics department of the University of Texas, Dallas.

Aldo Cometti
VP of Products

Prior to joining PETAiO, Mr. Cometti was Senior Director in the CTO office of Western Digital were he lead the R&D team staging and demonstrating controller and system solutions for emerging non-volatile memory technology like Re-RAM low latency flash (XL-NAND).  

Before joining Western Digital, Mr. Cometti lead the Enterprise class SSD flash media management at STEC and HGST. Starting from 2009 he pioneered enterprise SSD flash media management and endurance extension solutions, from architecture concept and modeling to NAND policy specification and validation, and the support of SSD production ramp-up both on internal production lines and by third-party contract manufacturer.

Over the last 10 years he participated to the development of several generations of SSD which generated more than $1 Billion in revenues.

Prior to SSD, Mr. Cometti led ST Microelectronics ASIC design teams for the development of HDD read channel, application specific DSP, high-end super-scalar processors, and embedded micro-controllers. 

Mr. Cometti holds 13 US patents and has several applications pending.

Mr. Cometti holds a Master's Degree in Electronics Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Milan. 

VP of Firmware

Jongman is VP of Firmware at PETAiO. He pioneered NAND flash devices applications in SSD since their dawn in 2006. He led Samsung SSD FW development team delivering the first mass production SSD to customers using only HDD.

Jongman moved to the US to setup SAS SSD development organization for enterprise, market that Samsung still dominate.  Following Samsung he worked at SK Hynix and Toshiba before taking leadership positions at several start-ups developing SSD with Client, Enterprise, Data Center and All-Flash-Array systems.

His broad knowledge and deep understanding of customer requirements have been instrumental to PETAiO SSD controller architecture and HW-FW co-design.


Fan leads the ASIC team at PetaIO. He has worked in the semiconductor industry for more than a decade and contributed to multiple successful tape-outs. 

Before joining PETAiO, he was in charge of the CPU subsystem team at SK Hynix Memory Solutions. Before solid state drive, Fan led the wireless baseband design team at SMSC and at Solomon Systech. His projects spanned multiple fields, ranging from mobile display interface, to wireless communication and SSD controller, resulting in millions of chips sold.

Dr. Lingqi Zeng
VP of Technology

Dr. LingQi Zeng is VP of Technology at PETAiO. He has more than 10 years of experience in the data storage industry. 

In addition to his Error Correction expertise, he has extensive knowledge in SoC Hardware and Software architecture as well as NAND flash memory technology. 

Prior to PETAiO, he was Director at SK Hynix memory solutions where he led an R&D cross functional team in Advanced ECC architecture, Flash memory technology, NAND management and FTL algorithms.

Prior to SK Hynix, he was Senior Manager and ECC Architect at Link-A-Media Devices (acquired by SK Hynix), where he developed the complete LDPC solution for the world's first 2.5-inch HDD SoC. 
Dr. LingQi holds a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Davis. 

Dr. LingQi holds more than 30 patents and applications.